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Hey babes so I was wondering if you could write an Ashton and Madison one(: Maybe one where we fight and he yells but yelling scares me so I cry and he feels bad(: Thanks babes(:

done! sorry it took so long!

Imagine for Madison - Arguing with Ash!

You slip off your coat and heels after a long day at work, and walk into the kitchen where you find Ashton. “Hey baby,” you say. He doesn’t respond - he’s too busy staring at your legs in the pencil skirt you’re wearing. He doesn’t look happy.

"What’s up, Ash?" you ask him sweetly, and go to wrap your arms around him. He dodges your embrace, still looking at your legs. "Did you…did you go to work like that?" he asks, looking slightly disgusted. You take a step back, hurt by his reaction. "Yes…Why, is there a problem?" His eyes finally lock with yours and his forehead wrinkles, the way it does when he is stressed. "So, your boss saw you like that?" he shakes his head, "Madison, what are you trying to do?! You know that creep likes you! Are you trying to impress him?! Oh my God, he’s probably been leering at you all day! You’re MINE," Ashton yelled, the distress obvious in his voice.

You flinched whilst he was yelling. When he stopped, you hear a sharp intake of breath as Ashton realised what he had done. “Maddie…” he whispers, but it’s too late, the tears are already rolling down your cheeks.

You run off upstairs to your bedroom, Ashton sticking close behind you on the way. You start trying to unzip the skirt with tears still flowing and your breathing heavier than normal, until Ashton’s arms wrap around your chest, making you relax almost instantly. He presses you tight against him. “I’m so sorry for yelling at you sweetie”, he whispers against the back of your neck, where he then plants a soft kiss. “It’s just been a stressful day… and you look so beautiful, it’s hard not to stare. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you,” he admits.

He slowly turns you around and wipes away your tears before moving in to kiss your cheek. You turn your head slightly so his lips touch yours instead. “I’m always yours,” you reassure him. “And hey, I’m leaving my job soon, I’ll never see my boss again.” He chuckles slightly at this. “Good. Do you forgive me?” You smile at him before throwing your arms around him “Of course. You shocked me, though.” 

"Well, I was shocked to see you looking so stunning, with them sexy legs of yours on show." You both laugh at this, both feeling much better about the silly argument.

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Hi! So I was wondering if I could get and ashton imagine for Sophie? Could it be where he offends you in some way but doesn't realise straight away? Thank you :)

After finally moving into your new flat with your boyfriend of two years Ashton, you were sitting on the bed trying to put together the new chest of drawers the two of you had brought. Ashton was still putting some things together in the living room so you thought you’d make a start in you guys’ bedroom. You were finding it hard because you were so stressed it was unreal, it really was hard work moving flats but you still proceeded. The instruction made no sense to you what to ever so you attempted to fit the slots together the best you could. After an hour of fiddling around Ashton came in. “You still doing that, you started it ages ago” he cheekily said. You smiled and proceeded with your business. You always hated when people were trying to interfere with what you were doing maybe it was because you were incredibly stubborn. Ashton started picking up the instructions and looking at what you were doing but of course not that you knew you were doing it wrong. “Are you stupid or something Sophie you’re completely doing it wrong” he laughed. But considering you were having the worst day you took that comment to heart but you didn’t want to let Ashton know so you kept quiet and headed out to pick up dinner. You always hated being called stupid after being constantly reminded you were from childhood bullies.

When you arrived back to your new home you noticed Calum’s car outside and realised the boys had probably came round to see the new place. The boys were like brothers to you so of course you didn’t mind. You let yourself in and all the boys came rushing up to you to give you a hug and a kiss. As the night went on you all were in the front room munching on food deep in conversation. “So when do you think this place is gunna be done?” Mickey kindly asked. Before you could answer Ashton spoke up with “well if Sophie wasn’t being stupid and spent hours pretending to make the thing in the bedroom we could’ve been done ages ago” he said in a jokey tone but of course you really did not think of it as a joke after your stressful day and the fact Ashton knew how much you hated being called stupid, he knew about all those bullies. With a straight face you kept quiet the whole night biting your tongue as you didn’t wanna cause I fight in your new home in front of the boys but after they left it was a different story. You stormed of straight to bed the second the door closed leaving Ashton in confusion. Ashton carefully crept upstairs to your room and found you huddled under your blankets. “What’s up with you? You’ve been quiet all night baby?” He asked sweetly trying to not upset you. You turns around and snapped. “I don’t know ash, I’m too stupid to know anyway” and that’s exactly when it clicked. His face fell realising how silly he had been. He remembered the time the two of you stayed up all night talking about childhood bullies and things that upset you. And so he turned around and walked away. You was furious with the fact he didn’t even care at all so as the tears fell from your eyes you curled up in a ball and tried your hardest to fall asleep. An hour later the front door slammed and your bedroom door opened revealing a soaking wet Ashton holding the biggest bunch of flowers. He walked over to the bed as you sat up. You opened your mouth to speak but he cut you off “Sophie I am so so sorry, I just wasn’t thinking, never will you ever feel like that again I will never make you feel like that again I promise, please forgive me”. Without thinking twice you ran up to him and he held you in a tight embrace not caring how cold and wet he was from the rain outside. The rest of the night he smothered you in apologies, sweet kisses and compliment making you feel so much better about yourself. He really made you feel loved.

(A/N - I really hope this is okay, I’m sorry it took ages! I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted but anyway, enjoy!)

Luke Imagine for Cisié (Selenenur)

There he was - finally I’d got to meet him. I’d met Michael, Calum and Ashton before - but this time I watched Luke leaving the hotel, sun beaming down onto his face, making his blue eyes glitter. I wasn’t the only one there to meet him, though. I was one of many.

"LUKE!" The girls in front of me shouted excitedly in unison. Luke’s eyes scanned the crowd in awe, his mouth forming the word, "wow."

The group of girls in front of me were jumping about wildly and squealing in delight, when one of them bumped into me.
An accident, of course, but it had enough force behind it to knock me over. The sight of Luke’s angelic face was replaced by shoes of all different brands and sizes as I landed on my butt, but the girls in front of me carried on, unaware of what had happened. I tried to stand again, but the fans behind me also ignored me, meaning that standing up was a struggle. I still didn’t blame them though - I understood. Luke is their idol - they were too distracted to notice that they were now trampling on my fingers.

That’s when I heard, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! He’s coming over.” The girls had no time to react before I heard Luke’s manly, Australian voice politely ask them to move over. That’s when they all turned to face me, and I was greeted by Luke’s hands, offering to help me up. I took his hands without hesitation and he helped me back onto my feet. “Are you okay, sweetie?” He asked me, a worried look on his face. “I-I’m fine. Thanks so much, Luke.” I tried to contain my happiness as a look of relief spread across his face. “Any time for a beautiful girl like you,” he answered. “What’s your name?”
“Cisié,” I responded.
“Lovely name for a lovely girl,” he commented, before taking me into his arms. I buried my face into his chest, before hearing him whisper, “Sorry you had to go through that, Cisié. Can I please make it up to you later?”

And that was how it all started, Luke and me. To see him now, offering his hands to help our baby girl walk, I was reminded of the time he first gave me his hand. I could tell by the way he stared into my eyes with a smile on his face, that he was thinking of the same moment.
“I love you,” I mouthed over to where he kneeled with our daughter, staring at me.
His smile broadened. “I love you, too, Cisié.”

(A/N: sorry it’s not really much of an imagine, I just had so many ideas and got a bit carried away! I hope you like it though, if not, I’ll be happy to redo it!)

Imagine - Before Michael Leaves For a Tour

"[Y/N], are you crying?" The distress is obvious in his voice, but you merely sniffle in response.
“Baby, please don’t cry,” he says softly, pulling you closer to him and wiping away your tears.
“Mikey, I-I know this sounds selfish, but I don’t want you to go on tour tomorrow…” You say in response.
He presses his lips to your forehead gently. “I’m gonna miss you. Please don’t be sad though, I’ll call to you at every chance I get,” he reassures you.
“Promise?” You whisper weakly, getting tired now.
“I promise you. Promise me something in return? Please promise that you will keep on smiling. I love that smile of yours - it was the first thing that drew me to you,” he admits. “We should sleep. Big day tomorrow.”
You smile. “You’re right. Good night, Michael Gordon Clifford.” You kiss him softly on the lips, rest your head against his chest and close your eyes. He strokes your hair until you fall asleep.
“Good night, [Y/N], I love you.”

A/N: sorry we haven’t wrote anything in a while, we’ve been really busy with school! We’ll try to write whenever we can, thanks for sticking with us (:
- Jessica

He cheers you up on twitter, Preference #5


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